Allison is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Masters in Global and International Studies program. At UCSB Allison studied society and politics of North Africa, viewed through the lens of human rights and democratic practice. Allison’s final thesis, entitled Seasons in Morocco: Deliberative Street Politics and Sacralized Dissent, explored the dialectical relationship between authoritarian regimes and popular political expression. Allison conducted research for the thesis, working with local activists and community organizers. Most recently, Allison returned to Morocco to continue independent research, working with local NGOs and activist on issues of sub-Saharan migration and migrant communities in Rabat.

In her professional life, Allison works as Deputy Research Director of the newly-founded Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington, DC. Allison also contributes as a co-editor of the Maghreb page of e-zine Jadaliyya.com, as part of the Washington DC based Arab Studies Institute. In addition to her contributions at Jadaliyya and TIMEP, Allison’s freelance work has appeared in Abu Dhabi’s the National, Paris’ Courrier International and Morocco’s Mamfakinch.com.  She has been credited for research on topics of globalization, labor rights and democracy, and recently developed the Instructor’s Manual for Thinking Globally, a new Global Studies textbook edited by Mark Juergensmeyer and published through the University of California Press.

All content on this page, unless otherwise noted, was generated by Allison. Content may be reused, reprinted or republished, with proper credit.

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